PRE-ORDER One Piece Card Game: Wings of the Captain OP 06 ENGLISH Booster Box
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    PRE-ORDER One Piece Card Game: Wings of the Captain OP 06 ENGLISH Booster Box


      Release Date: March 15th, 2024

      PO deadline: August 23th, 2023

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      Release date is more than 6 months from now - do not purchase if you cannot afford to have funds locked for 6 months.

      This set features mainstay pirates Zoro and Sanji, along with many related characters! It is highly synergistic with ST-12, while also offering several popular characters not found in ST-12. This set includes a mix of new and old themes, including Germa 66 and Thriller Bark! It introduces Sanji's sister, Reiju from Germa 66, along with FILM theme cards in new colors. This set also features Moria, Perona, and other popular characters from throughout the series. The SP cards in this pack feature designs that capture a snapshot of various characters daily lives. This is a rare theme for merchandise and is sure to attract collectors!

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