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    Rebirth for you : Trial Deck SSSS.Gridman JAPANESE Trial Deck

      --[SSSS.GRIDMAN] participates in ReBirth for you!
      ――It is easy for those who start playing from here to start playing, and you can enjoy the game.

      [☆ New gimmick card included]
      -A new gimmick that reproduces the world view of [SSSS.GRIDMAN] is now available!
      ――You can fight various battles with Gridman on the stage of Re Bath.
      ――It is recommended not only for first-time players but also for those who want to experience a different way of fighting from other players.

      [☆ Luxury card included]
      -Very rarely, a luxurious card with a serial number is included! (3 types planned)
      ――There are only 99 cards with serial numbers in various worlds!
      -(* The serial number is included only for the first edition.)

      [☆ Expansion of deck strategy]
      --The anime [SSSS.DYNAZENON] scheduled to start broadcasting in the spring of 2021 will also be commercialized!
      ――In the future, you can build a neo-standard deck in combination with [SSSS.GRIDMAN]!

      --50 pre-built fixed decks + 3 partner cards (random from 7 types of partner cards)
      --Quick manual and paper play mat will be included

      [Neo standard construction category]
      -You can build a deck only with card numbers including [SSSS].
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