Sonny Angel mini figure Christmas Ornament - Lumius Inc
Sonny Angel mini figure Christmas Ornament - Lumius Inc
Sonny Angel mini figure Christmas Ornament - Lumius Inc
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    Sonny Angel mini figure Christmas Ornament


      This year’s Christmas series can also be enjoyed as an ornament. The design is inspired by wooden ornaments lined up in a warmly lit Christmas market. Decorate your Christmas tree or your room with Sonny Angel to bring a little warmth and comfort to the dark, cold winter. Spend this winter colorfully and happily with Sonny Angel!


      There are 6 types of figures + 4 secrets for a total of 10 types. Half the fun is finding out which Sonny Angel you will meet when you open the package.

      ■『Sonny Angel mini figure Christmas Ornament』 Line up

      Sonny Angel

      Santa Claus

      Santa Claus with snowflake design. This is a classic ornament that instantly evokes the spirit of Christmas stories.

      Sonny Angel


      The star ornament symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem and hope for humanity. It will guide you to a Merry Christmas.

      Sonny Angel


      The snowman wears a fashionable hat, scarf, and gloves. His carrot nose is so charming.

      Sonny Angel

      Christmas Tree

      The cute little Christmas tree is decorated with ornaments. If you don’t have a tree in your home, let Sonny Angel be your tree.

      Sonny Angel


      This reindeer features large antlers and a bell around his neck. The antlers are 2-dimensional to represent wooden ornaments.

      Sonny Angel


      Wearing a beret and robe, this angel sprouts large wings. The yellow bow tie beautifully accents his red and green stars.

      Sonny Angel

      Rabbit ※Secret

      The pearlized white rabbit shines brilliantly as if covered in white powdery snow.

      Sonny Angel

      (Left)Pink Bear(Right)Blue Bear ※Secret

      Pink and blue bears sparkle like pearls. The golden color of each collar is elegant and each will be a gorgeous addition to your Christmas tree.

      Sonny Angel

      Robby Angel ※Secret

      The Robby Angel figure/ornament is wearing a pearlized green ball costume. He stands on a pedestal (separate part) which resembles toy blocks.

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